Friday, July 4, 2014


I have a big list of places I would like to visit in and around the Globe. My first preference will be Oman even though I have visited and lived over there for more than two decades. May be that is the reason I would like to visit Oman again. Yes It is my home away home. 

I landed Oman on 05 Jan 1987 to join my husband who was working over there, and left that place on Dec.2013. During my stay over there.I was watching the growth of Oman as a mother watches her daughter growing and feel proud about her beauty and elegance. 

In '87 Oman was developing. There were no proper roads in Wadi Kabir, Hamriya and Honda road areas. Al-Khuwair was developing. The 'bhs' building was a land mark. When CCC came we were thrilled to visit that. but now...! What a growth!. How many Hyper markets!! Those days only very few parks.. In early '90s Qurum park was developed. I still remember those days we visited that park with our kids. I am curious to know whether it has the same look or changed?   

I would like to visit Rumaiz garden, Nakhal, Rustaq, and Nizwa. Those were our favourite picnic destination those days.. Now I would like to visit agin all those places and see the difference. Nakhal has a small water falls and taking a dip at the hot springs of Rustaq will cure skin diseases...Isn't it? 

My favourite picinic spot in Oman is Yiti beach. I would like to visit Yiti beach during Nov-Feb, because at that time rare birds will come to Yiti. Moreover driving to Yiti beach, and Quriyat are awesome experience. I don't want to miss that. I would like to visit Al-sawadi beach too to collect colourful  and beautiful shells .   

Recently Oman has developed interesting tourist attractions like going deep into the sea and watch dolphins. I enjoyed that twice, Wow! It's really fantastic. Who will not wish to have that splendid experience again? and the next fascinating, thrilling experience is desert safari... I will definitely go for it once more.

One more place I want to visit in Oman is Salalah. When we were there, we planned many times but could not make it. So during my next visit I don't want to miss it. Travelling by road in Oman is awesome, especially the sea side roads in Seeb will be a pleasure. So I will definitely take a l..o..n..g road trip. 

Last but not the least is visiting Shiva temple at Muscat and Krishna temple at Darseit and worship. I suppose there is no need to mention that my trip to Oman will not be completed without relishing Sambar Vada at Oman express and Dokla at Bollywood restaurant.